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Local company purchases attraction formerly rated as “One of the Best Haunts in the Country.”


WRIGHT CITY, MO; May 29, 2014—Fearsome Entertainment, LLC, based out of Wright City, MO, recently purchased a haunted attraction that was formerly rated as “One of the Best Haunts in the Country.” The new owners plan to relocate this highly esteemed attraction from Caddo Mills, TX, to Wright City, MO, as an addition to a new haunted attraction known as Phobius.

Fearsome Entertainment, LLC is owned and operated by Justin and Nicci Fears of Wright City, MO.  After several years of planning, the company has moved forward with their plans to open a haunted attraction in Wright City.  “Even though we have dreamed of opening a haunted attraction for years, it wasn’t until 2011 that we started the process of planning, researching, and networking.  Over this time we have poured our hearts and souls into this project and are excited to finally be able to share our dream with the world” —Nicci Fears, Fearsome Entertainment, LLC.

Through their networking efforts, the company had the opportunity to purchase the attraction formerly known as The Haunt House which is located in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.  The attraction—under its previous owner’s direction—was given the title of “One of the Best Haunts in the Country” in 2012 by Hauntworld Magazine, and a “Must See Haunt” in 2013 by Haunted Attraction Magazine.  The fully themed attraction was sold to Fearsome Entertainment, LLC; however the name and intellectual rights to its former production will remain with the original owners.

The concept for Phobius was created through an original storyline written by Justin Fears.  Phobius is designed to flow like a book, transporting patrons into the world of Dr. Cyress Fears:  Operator & Doctor of Cirque du Phobius. “We have a lot of unique ideas to bring to our production and overall patron experience.  The fact that we were able to find an established attraction that fit our storyline seamlessly was vital for us to be in a position to open this year. Our plan for Phobius is to continue to grow and become known as a landmark destination in the St. Louis area” —Justin Fears, Fearsome Entertainment, LLC.

Phobius is scheduled to be open Friday and Saturday nights starting September 26 through November 1.  For more information, please visit their website at, Facebook page at or email [email protected]

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