Phobius would like to thank everyone for all of the awesome reviews!

“Had a very fearful time at Phobius Haunted House!!!!… It was the best I’ve been to in years!!!… Just amazing!!!” – Jen F.

“Its new and pretty awesome!” – Jenn L.

“What can I say? AMAZING. If you plan on going to only ONE haunt this year, PHOBIUS is the spot!!! This place is HUGE, insanely scary and legit as hell.” – Evan G.

“This haunted house is great!! Best costumes I’ve ever seen and the fear is here! Check it out!” – Chrissi E.

“Definitely a must for all haunted house lovers!” – Joel C.

“The chainsaw scared the crap out of me.. Scared the ISH out of me!” – Anonymous

“It was awesome!” – Anonymous

“It scared me all throughout!” – Liberty

“It was great and I am back again for the second night.” – Tatiana

“I was holding on to my boyfriend the entire time. I was completely frightened!” – Courtney